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Halloweek: Schitt's Creek

I was a bit behind to the Schitt's Creek craze, but quickly fell in love with the glamorous Rose family. Not only are they hilarious, charming, and INCREDIBLY funny, but they have one of the best sitcom wardrobes in existence. My two favorite characters were the inspiration for this installment of Halloweek: David and Moira Rose. For a quick reference, here are some inspiration pictures:


Zara was so Moira that she wore this outfit for an additional 2 days after we shot these. Here are the looks we came up with (mostly from our own closets, hahaha).


I cannot believe we have only 1 left before Halloween! So proud of the sets these big kids have done this year. 

Products used for this include this AMAZING PVC Dress from Tiny Bangs and sweater from Nununu, but Remy's jacket is our Wolfe Jacket! Everything else was pieced together from my closet or theirs and is too random to tag, haha.

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