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Halloweek: What We Do In The Shadows

October has begun and we are BACK with our Halloweek Posts! In case you are unfamiliar, once a week for several years now we have done a photoshoot of our 2 daughters, Remy and Zara, in various pop culture Halloween costumes. We have had so much fun with these, getting to dress up and play around. It has become an October tradition!

We are starting off with my personal favorite comedy on TV right now: What We Do In the Shadows. Based on the movie by the same name, this show follows a faux documentary style format that follows a house full of vampires and their familiar. We focused on the main couple of the house, Nadja and Laszlo. Here are some reference photos for those unfamiliar:


And now...onto our versions!

 Zara and Remy and Nadja and Lazslo



DISCLAIMER: We get some comments about "robbing" our kids of Halloween costumes...not the case! These looks are done in the weeks leading up to Halloween and the kids don't do any costume element they aren't comfortable with. Halloween day costumes are the girls' choice, always, and no babies are harmed in the making of these photos. Any negative comments regarding this will be nice!

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