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Halloween 2022: Chrissy & Eddie

You may have noticed this year that we did not do mulitple Halloweek looks this year. Between the girls getting older, our busy schedules, and general life we opted to work closer with the girls and do something that really fullfilled the season for them. Their love of the viral "Chrissy wake up" song from Stranger Things made it an easy choice! In case you are unfamiliar with the characters Chrissy and Eddie, here are some inspo pics:

There cute, but short lived interactions were just so endearing, it is hard not to root for them. The girls haven't seen the full show, but they have seen enough to have SO much fun acting these out. Here are the pics:

Disclaimer: Please note that our daughters approve the looks and while they may not know the characters they are portraying, they thoroughly enjoy dressing up. Their actual Halloween costumes are their choice alone and we simply do these an additional, fun family tradition. Any negative comments will be deleted.

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