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When Halloween Gets Scary

You may be wondering when we would post the final Halloween trick or treat pictures, but unfortunately, our Halloween was a true nightmare. We were awoken early in the morning by my 5 year old, Remy, announcing that she had thrown up. Normally, a not very fun wake up call, but because of suspicious symptoms she had been experiencing, it was even more concerning. A quick pediatrician appointment and a few uncomfortable tests later, we had orders to head over to the Children's ER. Diagnosis: Type 1 Diabetes.

We spent Halloween, the following day, and most of November 2nd in the hospital trying to get her out of Diabetic Ketoacidosis as well as receiving a rigorous education program on how to manage her condition. The poking, the prodding, and the looming dread of life changing news is still a lot to take in. We apologize if things have been quiet or even slightly delayed from our usual speed, but we have had some shocks and adjustments to handle. We appreciate everyone's understanding and the support we have already started to receive during this time.

Special shout outs to CHOC for their incredible care and kind professionals. And a huge thanks to my mom for making Zara so comfortable and happy, she never once feared what was happening. 

Now, that being said: Remy wanted to wear her costume to be admitted into the hospital. So we popped them on both girls and snapped some quick pictures in our backyard before leaving for the ER. They had been asking to be Ghostbusters (particularly Erin (played by Kristin Wiig) and Holtzman (played by Kate McKinnon)) for months, so we had these whipped up on Etsy. I am sure we will find another occasion to break them out, but in the meantime, here were some fast snaps of their looks.


  • So sorry this has happened to your family. Getting the initial diagnosis, getting out of DKA and getting going on a treatment plan can all be so overwhelming; especially for a child. I’m a former pediatric nurse and I have been a type 2 diabetic for the last 5 years. My diabetes diagnosis came as a big shock to myself and my family. After getting through the initial scare of DKA, a BG of 1183 and a 3 day coma, we all took a step back to gather our thoughts and figure out what needed to be changed and/or added to make myself be healthy again. Remy is tough and will get through this and be much stronger than anyone will have realized she could be. I have learned so much from children with diabetes, every time I prick my finger I’m reminded just how tough these little ones are and if they can do it without complaint, well, so can I! Kiddos Remy’s age are like little sponges, they take in more than you think they can; they always figure out what’s going on and how to do everything all by themselves and they usually end up teaching the adults! I know this is a long scary road ahead, but your family is strong, you have so much support; you’ve got this and Remy will triumph! Much love, many hugs, lots of positive thoughts and prayers heading your way. 💖💖💖💖

  • So much love to you all! I am so sorry that you had such a terrifying experience, but it sounds like Remy is such a strong and brave kiddo.

  • I am so glad you have this information, but I am sorry for the scare I am sure it caused. Health stuff is legit and worries a mom to no end. I know several kiddos who have this and it is a constant worry for their parents. She is lucky to have such a dedicated mom and dad!!

    Kate Wenninger

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