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Checkered Baby Sandals (Babies)
Checkered Baby Sandals (Babies)
Checkered Baby Sandals (Babies)

Checkered Baby Sandals (Babies)

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Baby shoes are honestly so, so cute. These black/white checkered sandals have a rubber sole bottom with grips. They are rubbery and squishy because...they are squeakers! When you kid walks, the shoes squeak. I love these for public places like malls or amusement parks. You can always hear your kid! The straps around the ankle and at the toe both velcro for a good fit. Check the size chart below (measurements and approximate ages) before selecting your size. 

Size Chart:

11.5cm = 3 - 6 Months

12cm = 6 - 12 Months

12.5cm = 12 Months

13cm = 18 Months

13.5cm = 2 Years


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