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Bat Balloon Tights (Baby/Toddlers/Kids)
Bat Balloon Tights (Baby/Toddlers/Kids)
Bat Balloon Tights (Baby/Toddlers/Kids)

Bat Balloon Tights (Baby/Toddlers/Kids)

Wauw Capow
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Our balloon bat is super cool and as you can see, our friendly ghost who hold on tight to the balloon. These tights is in a cool green color, that just gives the style something extra. It's definitely a favorite for Halloween … and all the other days as well - we are in love.  

Product information: 78% Cotton 18% Polyester 4% Elastane Made from organic cotton knitted material. Please take extra good care of your WAUW CAPOW items - that way they will last longer. Wash 30 degrees. Wash inside out. No iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry. Shrinking up to 5%

About the Maker:    At Wauw Capow we create clothes that are an extension of the wonderfully creative minds of children, and in that way appeal to and stimulate their imagination. We are often told by parents that their children won’t take off their WAUW CAPOW clothes, as they just love it so much! Children are open-minded, curious, playful and wonderfully creative and we try to follow their example when designing our collections. We tailor-make our prototypes to ensure the design fits children’s shape and movements. This makes our clothes comfortable to play in. When children play, they get messy – and children have to play! To resist the hard job of being worn by playing children all day, our clothes are made of high-quality textiles. Each style and every little detail are designed and made by us. Our designs are inspired by modern and conceptional arts and colors, different animal shapes and textures and the comfortable and functional elements of streetwear. We simply design to make you smile!