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3 of Swords Palette
3 of Swords Palette

3 of Swords Palette

Occult Cosmetics
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The 3 of Swords often comes up in readings during a breakup, sometimes even during a breakthrough when it pertains to a relationship. While it’s often not a pleasant card to see in a reading, it represents necessary changes that can lead to a better overall outcome. This palette is meant to be a representation of taking back one’s power, regardless of relationship status. Love yourself first. On the bottom of the palette, is a depiction of the Lovers Card to represent happiness in your choices and yourself. This is 2020, no more settling, no more putting energy into things that aren’t worth your time. Stand up for yourself and be the powerful bad-ass witch that you are! Embody that fully! This palette features 12 luscious red, golden and pink shades that are reminiscent of love and power symbolism. 

About the maker: Native American Woman owned spell infused cosmetics from Hollywood, CA.