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Remember Me Spray
Remember Me Spray

Remember Me Spray

Seance Perfumes
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Sweet aromas to solace vexed hearts

Bearing her name, her scent, she knew his treatment of the ornate calling card would reveal his intentions. She hoped he would send his own card in return, allowing them another night spent with shades drawn and servants sent away early. And yet her stomach turned as she remembered the rumors of his dark past. Certain kinds of men think nothing of throwing a pretty thing away.

Featured Notes: buttercream, cracker, frosting, sprinkles- the scent of frosted circus cookies! (liquid is clear yellow, not white like images)

2oz room and body spray
Glass bottle
Ingredients: fragrance oil and perfumers alcohol

About the maker: Seance’s founder began making perfumes long ago after becoming obsessed with the power of an aroma. Truly, the right scent can paint a picture, evoke a strong emotion, or transport someone to a certain place and moment in time.

From an early age, our founder learned she had the gift of intuition. Dedicated to harnessing this mysterious and intriguing ability, she honed her senses through extensive classes and research. Over time, she worked to help others develop these same faculties, hoping that they too would journey ever deeper into the vast expansiveness of what we have yet to explain.

Seance is built on this fascination with the paranormal and metaphysical. As human beings, we each strive to walk the fine line between what is scientifically rational and that which is emotional. Though technology advances and the world grows smaller each day, life offers each of us the same challenge: to find a place for those things that may only be felt.

And so it was in the Victorian era, a time which gives us inspiration and a sense of connection. Men and women of those bygone days were very open to the world of spirits, using mourning practices and incorporating other rituals into their daily lives. Chief among these, of course, was the seance. Through the help of a medium or by joining hands over a Ouija board, it was common for Victorians to experience a presence and emerge with a story of their own.