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Toil & Trouble Bath Bomb
Toil & Trouble Bath Bomb
Toil & Trouble Bath Bomb
Toil & Trouble Bath Bomb
Toil & Trouble Bath Bomb

Toil & Trouble Bath Bomb

Pure Poetry Cosmetics
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Bath bombs are a great way to add a little color and scent to your bathing experience. Simply throw one into a hot bath and watch these fizzy treats whiz around your tub! Ingredients include avocado oil, epsom salts, and water-soluble dyes and each bath bomb is wrapped in recyclable shrink wrap.

Scent: Do you solemnly swear...? Get up to no good with these cauldrons scented in warm vanilla, spicy black pepper, and earthy patchouli, with hints of citrus and musk. Contains a surprise charm. Features holographic biodegradable glitter and shades of green and gold.

Shape: Inside Plastic Cauldron Size: 2.25" Long x 2.75" Wide Weight: 6.9 oz

Contains a witch-themed charm.

Made in United States of America

About the Maker:  Pure Poetry Cosmetics was born in Tucson, AZ circa 2012, when Cecy (the resident Creative Genius) began concocting vegan bath time treats to reflect how she sees the world: in vivid, glittering, technicolor. These cruelty-free goodies join her line of non-toxic nail polish, pampering body care, and delectable home fragrance. Finding inspiration in literature, pop culture, and her own candy-colored daydreams, she lives to create exciting, nostalgic, and whimsical indulgences for the young at heart!